NINscope is a versatile open-source miniscope with optogenetics capability and accelerometer read-out, which is light (1.6 g) and small enough to record from two locations (with a minimal inter-baseplate distance of 8.15 mm) and can be controlled from Linux, MacOS and Windows. The housing and electronics of the scope have been designed from scratch integrating a new CMOS imaging sensor (PYTHON480, ON Semiconductor). If you are interested in directly purchasing the sensor and interface PCBS as a unit please fill out the following form. The v3.2 DAQ of the UCLA miniscope project is used with minor modifications to interface to the acquisition computer.

We have tested NINscope to perform optogenetics experiments and used it to image from two regions concurrently, as well performed both superficial and deep brain imaging. We have also tested data acquisition on a number of different computers with Windows 7, Windows 10, MacOs Mojave and Ubuntu 18.04.

The design files and documentation on how to install and operate the acquisition software can be found on our GitHub repository at:

Status updates will be provided through our Twitter account: